What is a Parked Domain?

A parked domain points a new domain name to the same directory that your primary account points to. How to setup a parked domain If you registered your domain with someone besides WHC, make sure that the name servers are pointing to the nameservers that is sent on the welcome email of WHC, if you are unsure about the details please contact support@webhostingcoimbatore.com to get your nameservers details. In WHC cPanel, select 'Parked Domains' under the 'Domain' menu and enter the domain name you wish to park in the 'Create a New Parked Domain' form.

If you'd like to change your primary account domain name, please complete a ticket and send it to our Customer/Technical Support Department or e-mail us on: support@webhostingcoimbatore.com
If you want to use an exisitng domain of yours as part of your WHC order rather than register a new one you simply need to select transfer on the domain page when placing your order and enter your domain. Then process your order as normal and once you have received your confirmation email you can point your nameservers to YourHosting. The details of the nameservers will be provided on the welcome email of WHC while you signup. The changing of nameservers may take up to 48 hours. For further information on transferring from different hosts or if you need any help regarding the transfer please contact us at support@webhostingcoimbatore.com .
It can take as little as 1 hour for your DNS to resolve, however, we state between 24-48 hours for a domain for complete global propagation.
Wth WHC plans you can host unlimited subdomains, unlimited addon domains and unlimited parked domains all on the one account.